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Visual Graphics & Media Design Center

We are the visual communications support team for McKinsey consultants around the world.  With teams located in Costa Rica, India, US, and Poland, our service consists of providing compelling and effective visual communication solutions for a wide variety of needs: from single slide production in PowerPoint for a “kick-start” meeting, to customized presentation design and alternative storytelling solutions.  We ensure that our firm’s parameters of excellence are met within the boundaries of Business Presentation Design.  We have 3 distinct service areas through which we provide our design support.

Level 1: Client Readiness Service Team

Our designers in the client readiness service team work on complete presentations making them ready to be presented by consultants in meetings with McKinsey clients, hence our name “Client Readiness Service line”.  This Team applies their exceptional graphical and comprehension skills on documents as small as 12 pages or as large as 200+ pages, and their main focus is to ensure that the output is a visually captivating presentation, where the message is enhanced as well as clearly and accurately conveyed.

Level 2: Value Addition and Fast Track Design Teams

At Level 2, requests received need value addition in graphics, imagery, colors, style, and layout design.  These requests might also demand a fast turnaround.  We work on requests that should be delivered within a couple of minutes, up to a couple of hours.  Our Level 2 designers are talented with strong problem solving skills and outstanding graphical and communication skills, and use their skills to provide our users with great ideas and solutions for innovative and memorable presentations that shape the world!

Level 3: Thought Partnership Design Team

We have a specialized group of designers who work on requests that are not necessarily presentations. These include hand-drawn graphics, 3D rendering, vector illustrations, poster/invitation design work and, in general, any out-of-the-box value addition to create exceptional visual communication that function as a bridge to connect McKinsey’s ideas and solutions to our clients.