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A message from the recruiting team

Some words from our Recruiting Manager

"Our recruiting process is unique. It is highly professional and a exciting journey where you will discover your strengths and development areas. Our candidates recognize us for our professional & caring treatment during the entire hiring process as we emphasize on each individual. Our goal as recruiters is to find the right role for you to develop and become the best professional you can be; we are career advisors and we take that seriously. 

We spend a lot of time understanding if the role you are applying for is the role for you and if our firm fulfills your career goals and motivation in the long term."

Rodolfo Luthmer- Recruiting Operations Manager for the Costa Rican Office

Your Application and Recruiting Process Experience

During our process, you will be involved in different recruiting activities and stages. Our interviews and assessments are one of a kind. All of our different departments have several stages, so you can expect to experience interesting recruiting techniques such as: testing sessions , business reviews , substantial phone screenings , face to face interviews or even video in the comfort of your home and last but not least, our Recruiting Days where you will have the opportunity to get  a little taste about how it feels to be in the shoes of the role you are applying for, and also will give us the opportunity to know the real you (you are not just a resume for us).

"We like to describe our recruiting process is an opportunity for the two of us to meet, it's a two-way process, is not  only about we getting to know you, but also you getting to know us better. We are  a firm that aspires on trust-based relationships, and our recruiting process is the perfect set up to start this new relationship. Even if you don't end being part of our firm, we hope we both keep in touch with each other."  - Daniela Esquivel (Recruiter)

At McKinsey you will feel challenged, even during our recruiting process!

Rumor has it that we are one of the toughest companies to interview for (only 2% of people that apply to McKinsey will receive an offer at the end - that's how challenging our process is!).  We want you to be excited and challenged- not anxious- about it, and most of all, we want you to be successful at it. We have prepared some supporting materials for you, make sure to check them out!

It is also said that our recruiting process is long - but there are no shortcuts when hiring the most talented and exceptional people out there. We will spend as much time as needed to recruit that special someone for the firm.

It might be a long way but we guarantee you that you will enjoy this challenging journey, and it will all be worth it at the end.  This is our recruitment experience, welcome!

Some of our recruiters.

From left to right: Karen Jimenez, Yessenia Aguilar, Daniela Esquivel, Gloriana Jimenez.