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Veronica Rodriguez

“At McKinsey, you can only truly succeed if you are yourself. This place values authenticity…there is an enormous amount of liberation and autonomy.”

Vero's story at McKinsey

I started at McKinsey as a Global Helpdesk specialist. Global Helpdesk provides technical support to all of our colleagues around the world. Thanks to the support and guidance I have received, primarily from my manager, I’ve learned to leverage my strengths to achieve my personal and team goals. Now I am the Global Helpdesk operations manager in Costa Rica and I get to help the other IT leaders develop to reach their full potential.

Before joining McKinsey, I didn’t know such a company existed. One of the things that has surprised me the most is the freedom I have to present my ideas and how well my colleagues really listen to me. I feel that everything I do matters because the firm is one team. Everyone here wants to maintain and improve this outstanding environment, so we all pay attention to how people feel, requesting and providing feedback often. We consistently apply our Firm values in everything we do.

One of my best moments so far has been traveling to Prague to deliver a training about performance management. The audience was comprised of other IT Support leaders. It was a big challenge for me, but a success and I learned a lot about myself in the process of moving out of my comfort zone to present in front of such a large group.The experience improved my self-confidence and reconfirmed how supportive my colleagues are in helping me stretch to learn new things and reach my goals.