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Rodolfo Luthmer

"My Experience in McKinsey has helped me become a more open and confident person. I have learned how to deliver and receive feedback, and to think outside of the box to come up with different solutions."

Rodo's McKinsey Story

I joined McKinsey in April 2011 as an entry Level Learning Administrator, I was the first member of the Learning Team at the San José Center and I was in charge of planning and administering training programs. During that year our team grew to 5 more colleagues and in December 2011, I was promoted to become the Team Lead.  I then moved to be the Operations Team Manager of Recruitment.  Initially I didn’t know much about McKinsey, except that it was an International consulting firm -- that’s why after joining I was completely surprised by the worldwide impact of McKinsey.

I was impressed by the environment of the company; McKinsey has a truly unique culture. Everyone is always willing to help each other, they really enjoy coaching and although there is always a lot of work you never see people getting stressed out. Besides, our culture is nonhierarchical and feedback oriented. I remember the first time I received feedback from a peer from Germany, it was very surprising!

My experience in McKinsey has helped me become a more open and confident person. I have learned how to deliver and receive feedback and to think outside the box to come up with different solutions. I understood that in here is your responsibility to create your own path and career and to take action on it! You will receive world-class training and the support from leadership and peers all the time. I would describe McKinsey as open minded, innovative and demanding, but it also offers a very caring environment, where you can have a healthy work life balance.

Currently as a Manager I can say that the firm´s management style is one of a kind. You have the opportunity to provide ideas and to develop them. You are constantly challenged to step out of your comfort zone and your manager will always provide you with the tools and opportunities to do your job.  And you work in collaboration with the brightest people you will ever know.

It is said that at McKinsey “you have a voice” and it’s definitely true because your opinion counts, ideas are heard and shared and supported.  Colleagues at McKinsey are not afraid to speak and to be who they are.  The firm offers an inclusive environment for everyone regardless of your gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  I am part of the GLAM community and as a group we have helped create awareness of the diversity in the center and we feel respected and supported by leadership.

This has been a great, challenging and satisfying experience… You will never be the same person again; you will become a better and more confident person.