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Keylor Arroyo

“McKinsey has helped me mature and develop in the professional area; I have learned about different cultures and also increased my knowledge in several fields.”

Keylor's story at McKinsey

Before joining the firm, I did not know much about McKinsey, other than that it was an international business enterprise. During my time here, I have learned how huge and important the company is, as well as a lot about its long trajectory and history. The magnitude of its impact is on the world still surprised me.
I started as an intern at the Global Helpdesk (our internal IT support team) in Costa Rica. This was my first experience with a big company, and everyone made sure it was a great one. McKinsey has helped me grow and develop professionally. I have learned so much about different cultures and subjects of all sorts.

I quickly moved into new roles and challenges. I went from providing support through email to answering phone calls from colleagues needing IT assistance. I became an expert and began mentoring and training my colleagues. My teammates and leaders have been very supportive along the way, making sure I’ve had everything I need to move smoothly and adapt comfortably to each new stage.
My work is very important and relevant to the firm’s goals. My primary role is to resolve technical issues and provide solutions to all sorts of questions. Anything ranging from diagnosing damaged computer software or hardware to actively researching the solution to a particular concern one of my colleagues has -- nothing is too simple or too complex.

McKinsey is a truly global partnership. We have more than 100 offices around the world, and I work with colleagues from different regions on a daily basis. Chances are I’ll speak with people from every continent during a single day. With all the communication tools we have, it feels like everybody is close to me.
In my free time, I go to university, spend time with my loved ones, and enjoy many hobbies like art, hiking and visiting iconic locations. Usually balancing all of this is not a problem since my schedule is pretty comfortable and there are many options within the firm for times when I need a bit more flexibility.
Overall, I would describe McKinsey as professional, caring and exciting. It’s a pleasant and comfortable working environment that makes me excited to come to work every day.