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Bob Wood

"McKinsey has been and continues to be my educator."

Bob's story at McKinsey

I started with McKinsey on a vendor relationship in 1989. Five years later and many projects together I was offered the opportunity to became a full time employee. 

I was hired as a Systems Engineer in Toronto, with my core expertise in Novell networking in wide area implementations.   This was to be McKinsey’s first global network. I committed to 2 years when I joined and my manager at the time would ask me, “are you happy?” at the end of each year.   Now approaching 22 years, no one asks me this question anymore, but the answer would still be “Yes”.  I initially wanted to stay just 2 years because I was unsure how much change I would be exposed to, since in my vendor role I designed, implemented and supported a variety of networks.

So what are some of my key memories:

1) setting up the Montreal office (I was still a contractor then);

2) designing the global schema for the Novell NDS implementation;

3) working on one of the first McKinsey workstation images development efforts;

4) the travel to help offices rollout V5 and ending up with pneumonia (out 6 weeks);

5) helping get the Global Helpdesk started (I was the original knowledgebase for the Toronto team);

6) taking on the manager role for the Toronto Global Heldpdesk (GHD);

7) developing skills as a leader, recruiter and awareness for global impact;

8) transferring the successful Helpdesk operation in Toronto to San Jose;

9) assuming global management for GHD;

10) the amazing people I have met in this journey spanning 25 years. There is no one I wish I never met as everyone has helped shape me in some way or another.

So what has McKinsey meant to me?  McKinsey has been and continues to be my educator. McKinsey is my provider. McKinsey is a part of my family. What is important to qualify is that I am as much an educator as is McKinsey, so am I a provider and I am family to McKinsey.

Cheers to many more enjoyable years in whatever capacity with this great institution.