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Local Teams

We are exceptional people helping the most brilliant minds in the world. In San Jose we support firm colleagues from all over the world. Working on complex issues from distant, often unfamiliar places, these colleagues trust us to address questions and issues related to technology, visual communication, business research, purchasing, and learning programs- just to mention a few. 

At the Office in Costa Rica we host more than 10 different departments, which can be categorized in four areas of expertise: Information Technology, Design, Business & Analytics, and last but not least, Administration & Logistics. We invite you to explore our various functions and find the one that fits your strenghts and passions: 

Information Technology

We develop and support software solutions for internal and client needs. We maintain and design our own robust infrastructure. We provide best-in-class support for our global colleagues using industry leading methods. Support, design, or development, no matter what the scope, we are outstanding professionals working in a fast-paced world-class organization, solving complex technical issues, and helping colleagues and clients through innovation and smart client service practices. We are IT and we love IT.

Visual Graphics & Media Design

We play a strategic role in the firm's interaction with our clients by helping our consultants deliver powerful business presentations, daring visuals, and innovative ways of “storytelling” and visualization of ideas. We do this through our expertise in design, which means we must be highly effective problem solvers and creative thinkers who dare to tackle any dilemma, abstract concept, or odd idea to provide the most memorable solution, always focused on the message and the impact.

Business and Analytics

We work together with our consultants to deliver a variety of high quality end products, from single-page exhibits, fact packs, financial analyses/models, to synthesized literature searches, company information, industry research reports, and document delivery. The research and analysis we do provide industry and functional insights to our consultants and clients. Our team is inquisitive, enjoys research, and takes pride in finding innovative solutions to questions, even when an easy answer does not exist.

Administration & Logistics

We do it all, from coordinating a 3 day training in Singapore for 100 people from 20 different locations, shipping IT equipment to consulting teams, to taking care of daily administration. We belong to different teams and perform a broad range of simultaneous tasks while keeping in mind our colleague’s satisfaction at all times.