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McKinsey Solutions

In order to take good strategic, operational and organizational decisions, companies need to place facts and insight above gut feelings and instincts. At McKinsey Solutions we work in creating a future where the right insights are always at our clients' fingertips. 

McKinsey Solutions is a new suite of services that combines 85 years of McKinsey industry and functional expertise with data, proprietary analytics, and software tools to help organizations get greater clarity in decision making and gain significant long-term performance improvement.

Our Solutions are complementary to our project-based client service and equip private and public sector organizations worldwide to:

  • Drive faster, more effective decisions every day
  • Get entire organizations acting on a common basis
  • Build knowledge and capabilities for the future
  • Make continuous impact on performance over the long term

Within each Solution, we have three different service lines:

1. Service Delivery

We are the Service Delivery Managers and Solution Specialists who work closely with clients to define, setup, and manage the service delivery processes being part of problem definition, data modeling, usability review, etc., to serve clients and create sustainable impact.

By being the single point of contact for internal teams and/or the different shared service centers, we drive the process of converting/enriching client raw data sources into high added value information to deliver the insights related to the business challenges at stake.

2. Data Science

As Data Analysts, we work together with the Service Delivery Team to load client's raw data, validate and perform all the data transformation required to generate valuable deliverables, as well as loading the data into the web-based solutions to make it user friendly and to have the information available to perform different analyses.

We are in charge of coding, designing, and scripting not only ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) processes but also different analyses to get insights from data and contribute to automate processes within the solution.

3. IT Support Services

Support Specialists provide application support to internal McKinsey Solutions employees as well as external clients. We are responsible for technical and functional troubleshooting and debugging. Furthermore, we help with configuring and testing applications.

As Support Specialists, we deliver high-quality IT support in a "client-first" oriented work environment by providing the best possible service and experience for the customer.

We have a portfolio of 21 innovative Solutions, and 6 of them are present in the Costa Rica office. Each Solution is different and unique, as each one focuses on helping our clients get greater clarity on an specific business problems (e.g. IT Performance, Organizational Health, Pricing & Sales) through data. Find out which industry or function's problems complement your passion for ETL Development, Data Warehouse and Big Data, and discover which might be the right Solution for you.

Healthcare and Analytics

Your passion for database development combined with big data and business intelligence knowledge can have an impact in how population health is managed, by designing, delivering, and operating advanced analytics to help health payors and providers in multiple domains. 

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Horizon 360

You can use your IT bench-marking and IT services domain to create tools that will help assess, identify, capture, and sustain significant improvements in IT performance for IT providers or large IT divisions.

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Org Solutions

Apply your analytics skills with the combination of organizational behavior or human resources expertise to help leaders measure and track the "soft" issues, so they can create high-performing cultures in their organizations, and focus on what will drive the greatest improvements to impact performance.

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Performance Lens

Have an impact in improving the asset manager's business performance by applying your passion and experience in analytics and Excel data modeling.

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Your database development skills combines with business intelligence domain can help to improve return on sales through better pricing, promotions, assortment, and performance management.

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Advanced Excel skills and data modeling applied to create transparency on the tracking and measurement of transformation and change programs.

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