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Diversity & Inclusion


GLAM is a worldwide membership network of McKinsey LGBT colleagues, organized mainly locally & regionally.  It aims to make McKinsey a place that attracts, supports, respects, and retains talented lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals and to create an environment where LGBT members of the firm can develop and contribute to their full potential.

GLAM is supported by GLAM Allies Community.  GLAM Allies is a group of McKinsey colleagues who volunteer to be visible and vocal advocates for LGBT inclusion and to provide support to LGBT colleagues as needed. GLAM Allies is an initiative of GLAM with a separate membership list.

The Costa Rica GLAM chapter opened in early 2013 with 3 colleagues, since then, it has grown to 15 members.  GLAM Costa Rica aims to enhance the local office environment for LGBT colleagues by creating a sense of community inside the office and by creating awareness to diversity and inclusion topics in our Center. 

GLAM Costa Rica's current goals include expanding its base of LGBT members, increasing the number of GLAM Allies in our office and continue supporting our community through social work.

Our policies set the global standard, our LGBT related client work- pro bono and other- has had tremendous impact, and our GLAM colleagues provide an inspiring role model to others by being themselves- openly and honestly. Learn more about GLAM globally.

McKinsey is proudly the recipient of a perfect score of 100 for the 9th year in a row on the US HRC Foundation's 2015 Corporate Equality Index. Learn more about other "Best Place to Work" awards we have received. 

Get to know Rodolfo, and discover how the firm offers an inclusive environment for everyone regardless of your gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Cultural Diversity

When we say that we are "truly global", it's because we really mean it. Whether you are sitting in the Prague office or in San José, we all feel connected with our colleagues and we build that relationship every day.

We come from different parts of the world and we bring our uniqueness and vision of things into our work environment.  And that gives us all an identity that makes us proud of who we are, especially because it gives you the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships while being yourself. 

McKinsey in San José is home to many nationalities and they are our true testimony that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your beliefs are, if you believe in yourself you will make a difference in this great worldwide family.

Different passions and interests that give back to society

  • Community Engagement Team

We strive to embrace all efforts related to Corporate Social Responsibility including those individual ideas from colleagues at the firm. The CET researches for opportunities to serve the social sector and once a year develops a plan for a main project to work on. We involve colleagues from different functions within the office who are committed to have a positive impact in our communities; where everyone brings their unique talents and collaboration to projects that help in assisting and developing them for a better quality life.

Our objective is to develop a program of commitment with smart social actions that contemplates the interests of our colleagues and allows us to have a positive impact through social mitigation and prevention in our communities.  In 2015, we worked with an Elderly Day Center of approximately 50 people with a holistic approach. We have also sponsored programs with the most needed schools in Guanacaste, Children's hospital and Breast Cancer awareness among other projects.

  • Animal Care Team

We are team within McKinsey & Company Costa Rica who share a common goal of supporting different non-profit organization who focus on rescuing animals from risky situations. We establish ourselves as a reference team in our firm, in supporting animals which are in need.
Our goal as a group is to create awareness and educate our colleagues in animal welfare. We also organize several activities thorough the year so we are able to support different animal care organizations. 

  • Green Team

The green team is a group of enthusiastic, passionate and proactive colleagues from all levels and departments across the office. This team helps the office in the progress of resource efficiency initiatives, generation ideas and motivating other colleagues to play an active role in reducing the resources. Accelerating environmental improvement, reducing waste, recycling, cutting energy use.

We want our colleagues to have a place to work that respects and protects the environment, by diligently seeking areas to improve and be greener. We are constantly seeking volunteers who share our passion and identifying areas where we can improve.