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Knowledge Network

We are a global network of over 1,500 Knowledge Professionals, who share a common set of aspirations to create, organize, share, and apply the world’s most relevant knowledge to provide distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in our clients’ performance. 

The Knowledge Network, which spans 80 locations worldwide, including 5 Knowledge Centers, reflects a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures, and is organized into industries, functions, and geographies as well as several specialized capabilities. 

In San Jose, our 100+ Knowledge Professionals work in a highly stimulating environment in which they are empowered to collaborate among colleagues and deliver innovative insights and distinctive knowledge to client teams.

We have different groups within our community of researchers and analysts:

1. General Research

General Research is a core service within McKinsey’s Knowledge Network for obtaining in-depth research, analysis, and perspectives on topics that require geographic knowledge (e.g., macroeconomic perspectives, public sector analysis), analysis of financial and economic data, and/or research into emerging topics/practices (e.g., facility management, human resources).

The firm has local knowledge hubs in more than 30 countries as well as large teams of researchers based in our regional knowledge centers in China, India, Poland, U.S., and Costa Rica.

Our Regional Research Teams provide our consultants and clients with expertise in economic and financial analysis, knowledge of how business works in a particular country, key insights into available local statistics and sources, a keen understanding of the local regulatory framework, and outstanding local language skills.

2. Industry Practices

As a firm, we maintain dedicated practice groups in 18 global industries*, and in Costa Rica we have nine of them present in our office . Our clients rely on us to identify and help them respond to market dynamics, emerging trends, advances in technology, and other critical forces that shape their industry.

Each industry practice has a team of knowledge professionals who help consultants better understand the industry, conduct in-depth research and analysis on industry-specific topics in support of particular client engagements, and contribute to the development of new knowledge to help the practice stay at the leading edge of thinking about the industry.

*Our Industry Practices include Automotive & Assembly, Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Electric Power & Natural Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare Payor and Provider, High Tech, Media & Entertainment, Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products, Private Equity, Public Sector, Pulp & Paper, Retail, Social Sector, Telecommunications, and Travel Infrastructure Logistics.

3. Functional Practices

To complement our deep industry knowledge, McKinsey develops and delivers leading-edge expertise across seven core business disciplines: business technology, corporate finance, marketing, operations, organization, risk, and strategy. In Costa Rica we have five of them present in our office. 

Each of the functional practices offers opportunities for knowledge professionals to help shape McKinsey’s distinctive functional knowledge capabilities. The nature of this work requires regular and often intense interaction with our global network of consultants who advise clients on key risk-related issues.

4. Special Capabilities

In addition to the depth of expertise we bring to clients in specific industries and functions, we have developed world-class specialized capabilities in a number of key areas. These cross-cutting capabilities allow us to deliver unparalleled insights and value to our clients.

Knowledge professionals play an integral role in allowing McKinsey to develop and deliver such leading-edge services in areas such as Analytics, Global Economics, and Propriety Knowledge.