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Advance Regional Services

Our coordination teams get the right technology solutions to colleagues and ensure a seamless service experience. Colleagues depend on us for support whether they are in one of our offices, on the road, or in a team room. We provide their team room equipment, laptop and mobile device accessories, travel solutions, and technology and IT support for their offsite events.  We both recommend IT solutions and coordinate logistics to deliver them.

Service Coordination team

Our Service Coordination team reaches across several areas of support. Primarily, we coordinate the end-to-end experience that gets colleagues the solutions they need:

  • Product ordering and delivery: When a colleague asks for a new device or accessory, the request is routed to the Service Coordination team. We manage expedited shipping of products, track inventory, and assist with monitoring the inventory in local offices.   
  • Software license management: When colleagues need software that is not included in our standard suite, we get the licenses and coordinate software installation.
  • Hardware upgrades and migrations: When colleagues change laptops or mobile devices, we arrange for a smooth transition to their new one, including data migration.
  • Colleague mobility management: We manage all IT equipment needs for new hires and for colleagues who change offices. We update databases, manage phone number changes, and set up laptops and mobile devices so that everything is ready when a colleague arrives to the new office. And when they have finished using a product, we manage its return to inventory.

Mobile Communication Services team

Our Mobile Communication Services team coordinates and supports the firm’s mobile telecom services, the “soft” side of our mobile solutions. Our global and regional services include the administration of carriers and device services, as well as account management. We manage all the telecommunications needs of our colleagues in the Americas, including voice and data services.  We play an integral part in making sure our colleagues have all services up and running for a smooth working experience.   We also work closely with the Service Coordination team on telecom-related activities.

Client Team Room & Events Services team

Anytime our colleagues are working offsite – whether they are in a client team room or at an event – we deliver the technology solutions they need to give them an “in the office” experience. We handle anything from printers and routers, to onsite laptops and tablets, to whiteboards and pens.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to equipping our colleagues with the best possible products and services. That translates to a dynamic, detail-oriented, and fast-paced team-oriented environment.

We strive to provide colleagues with a positive service experience and are responsible for recommending solutions and coordinating logistics.